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"Ranch Raised, Natural, Texas Beef"

Our Story

Our family has always been privileged to eat ranch raised beef, and also had the joy of sharing with family, friends, or neighbors in need. Everyone seems to have the same comment- "You just can't buy this quality beef in the grocery store".

This is how our vision of Salt Fork Beef started. In an effort to bring back the ranching heritage of "community", Salt Fork Beef is offering ranch raised, natural, Texas Beef to the Big Country and all of Texas.

We have a passion for the ranching way of life- being good stewards of the land and the animals we care for. Coming from a 4 generation ranching family, Matt and Lorri Jennings ensure the quality of Salt Fork Beef in the way they raise, handle, and feed their cattle.

The primitive yet simple process of raising cattle has become mechanized and industrialized. Most people go to their local Wally world to buy their steak and roast.

What the average American doesn’t realize is the product they are purchasing in the supermarket travels 2000 miles to be preserved and placed on the shelf at their convenience. Salt Fork Beef encompasses and embraces the idea of sustainability throughout the local community, land, and economic affordability; without compromising the integrity of the true significance of the family outing or neighborhood BBQ.

We are members of the following associations:
Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association
Texas Beef Council
Angus The Business Breed

Sunset on the Ranch

Angus Cattle

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