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"Ranch Raised, Natural, Texas Beef"

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For most Americans, beef is what eating meat is all about, yet very few ever experience the old fashioned taste that made beef a classic. With Salt Fork Beef, you can. From Angus based breeds grass fed on Texas pastures, and grain finished, the taste is what beef should be. The standard and quality that Salt Fork Beef offers raises the bar to a new level that true Americans desire. The care that goes into raising each animal traditionally, humanely and sustainably with no hormones or antibiotics on family-owned ranches, results in superior marbling and tenderness.

Our cattle are locally raised on Texas ranches, and all our beef are processed locally- meat is flash frozen and vacuum packed at the optimal time to capture freshness and flavor.

We remember what fresh, high quality, natural beef tastes like, because that’s what we’re used to. That’s what we feed our families. It really is beef “just like Grandpa used to raise!”

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We will be at the Abilene Farmer's Market from May through September on Saturdays, 7am-12pm

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